If customers buy more than 10 items, what should we do?

Updated time: Jul 23, 2020 , 11:39 (UTC+03:00)

There are two alternatives which you, the merchant, can set up the description in case your customers require to purchase more than 10 items.

1. You should group up those left items, which are from the 10th item onwards, to a specific category, such as “Other”. The price of a specific group would be the sum of the price for each components respectively.

2. You can group up those items having the same unit price and named it under a general category.

For example: Mouse and keyboard both have a price tag with €10. The suggestion is

  • Description: 1 Mouse + 1 Keyboard
  • Unit price: €10
  • Total: €20

Note: Your payment request would not process unless the total amount does balance with the sum amount of each component’s price.

Reference : Payment gateway example

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