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PayCEC provides WHMCS payment gateway module, includes plugin and configuration information.

1. Download and Include

Download link: Checksum SHA1: 1AFE54A9EDDC9393AE57C368909C793790AF308B

2. Integrating

The integrating requirement followed by:

  • A PayCEC Merchant account.
  • Our example code. (download at step 1).
  • Requires WHMCS version: 7.3.0 .

Steps to integrate:

  • Login to your CPanel and upload the files from whmcs_wpc folder to: \modules\gateways folder.
  • Login to WHMCS admin panel.
  • Go to Setup -> Payments->Payment Gateways option and click on PayCEC
  • Enter the PayCEC Merchant ID and PayCEC Merchant Secret Key. The values of Merchant ID and Merchant Secret Key are available in your PayCEC 's Account. Also, check the PayCEC Test Mode if you want to test the payments.
  • Click Save Changes and try to make the transaction.

Also read: Payment Gateway Integration Developer (Detailed version)

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