ASP classic

Updated time: Jul 23, 2020 , 10:50 (UTC+03:00)

PayCEC provides a Asp Classic sample code, includes integration and configuration information. 

1. Download Asp Example Code

Download link: Checksum SHA1: 13F0165000B4DBFCF1C401329412D48E7B4F4689 

2. Integrating 

You’ll need to have the following before going any further:  

  • A PayCEC merchant account. 
  • .NET Framework:  >= 3.5.
  • Our Asp Classic  example code. (download at step 1)  

In wpc_aspclassic folder, open 2 files: Initiate.asp and Return.asp, change your the config by your merchant config values. 

Then, run the demo to understand the payment flow.  

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